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Create meaningful first impressions
with Bill Estimator
Get off on the right foot
with your new customers

and prevent roadblocks later on.

Made for short attention spans

Paint the big picture

Get time back on your side

30 seconds is all it takes for new customers to predict their utility bills. Allow new customers to see what their electric bill could be, and highlight other services you provide like water, waste, and sewage. Bill Estimator makes calculations based on data from a few questions customers answer, so you don't have to pull consumption history.
Bill Estimator is like the weather channel for utility bills.
Create meaningful first impressions
with Bill Estimator

Summer bill preparedness
with MyEnergyPlanner

Digital energy and water audits
with QuickAmps

A web-based utility bill estimator that predicts utility bills in 30 seconds, so you can get off on the right foot with new customers and prevent roadblocks later on. A web-based self-audit tool that prepares your customers for the incoming peak season and helps them stay ahead of the summer bill frenzy. A web-based auditing tool that makes it easy for your auditors to deliver their best work, faster. Stunning real-time digital reports that make your customers happy.


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